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Cantonese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with historical significance. It retains the elegance of the ancient poetic Chinese language yet it is also a rapidly evolving language that is explicitly vibrant, expressive and creative. Words are constantly invented and some words such as “Char Siu (barbecued marinated pork”, “Yum Cha (brunch involving Chinese tea and dim sum)”, “Add Oil (an exclamation expressing encouragement or support)” even got included into Oxford dictionary. It is a tonal language (6 tones!) so it is as musical as can be. It is a useful language if you want to dive into international business or ancient Chinese studies. People around the world are actively promoting the use of Cantonese and its culture against the global hegemony in recent years especially in regions like Hong Kong and United States. Join us in support of the movement and explore the rich and colorful culture! 

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