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The Critical Languages Program offers less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) which are not available in traditional departments or formats at the University of Arizona. See our current list of languages on the right side of this page, or request a language.

About the courses

All basic language courses emphasize speaking and aural comprehension at the elementary and intermediate levels while a writing component is incorporated at the advanced level. Languages offered vary from semester to semester and year to year, depending upon student demand. See how to register for CLP courses. CLP courses can fulfill your degree language requirement and can also be applied to a minor in Critical Languages, Intercultural Studies and thematic minor.


  • Rachel Spinti for studying Swedish, College of Science
  • Connor Derby for studying Swedish, College of Letters, Arts, and Science
  • Kiran Rana for studying Urdu, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Precise Niyinkeje for studying Swahili, Eller College of Management 

Watch some of CLP's tutors talk about their languages and classes!

"Niko is awesome! He is very patient and is approachable. He is a great tutor and I would highly recommend this course to my friends."

Greek 101 CLP Student