Tutoring a Foreign Language Certificate

What is TFL?

Tutoring a Foreign Language (TFL) is a 30-hour self-instructional certificate program that allows individuals to meet minimal teaching standards for tutoring a foreign language within foreign language departments and critical languages programs.  TFL is designed specifically for native-speakers of a language other than English who are eager to learn how to tutor students of their native language.  TFL is designed to help foreign language tutors and language partners to develop competence in improving their students’ foreign language abilities through self instruction.

TFL Curriculum

The TFL curriculum consists of short readings, exercises, and activities on a self-instructional basis around the topics of Second Language Acquisition, Language Learning/Teaching Methods, designing a syllabus and lesson plans, as well as the topic of learner motivation focused on self-instructional language learners.  The course is modular and is designed for completion in as few as 4 weeks or as long as a full semester of 16 weeks.


30 hours for $350 (+$50 application and technology fee)
*NASILP members discount available


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