Language Exams

Language learning is not always a straight process. Some of us have acquired languages through life experiences. Others may have learned a language and forgotten some. Some of us have learned to speak but not to read and write in the language. For these reasons, we offer a variety of assessment options to advance you on your multilingual journey. 


Choose whether you merely need to register for a Critical Languages (CRL) course and are not sure whether 101 would be too easy for you--then take the Placement Exam. If you want to earn credit for prior language experience for a language offered through the Critical Languages Program, you should do the Credit-By-Exam process (this is a helpful way to complete the CLP Minor faster or to earn UA credits in general). If you want a proficiency exam for other purposes, contact the Linguistics Department.  


Currently all testing is via Zoom, so you can test from a remote location. 


Exam Type




Placement Exam

This is an informal advising session to enroll you in the most appropriate level of a Critical Languages (CRL) course. 


(No credits or validation awarded through this process.  This is a registration advising process). 

Complete the CLP Exam Pre-Screening Form.


Someone from the CLP Team will reach out to schedule the session for you.  



To earn UA CRL credits, this test assesses what level you would place at in the Critical Languages Curriculum (CRL 101-497) in any of our languages currently* offered. We currently offer Credit-by-Exam for the following languages: Hindi, Norwegian, Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog & Modern Greek.


These credits earned can be immediately applied to the Critical Languages Minor and/or the UA Second Language Requirement.  

1. Complete the CLP Exam Pre-Screening Form.


2. Complete the UA Registrar Exam Form and obtain signature from your Advisor.  Send the signed form  to  


3. After approval from CLP staff, pay the CLP exam fee. (Once forms are completed and fee paid, exam will be scheduled). 


4. Complete the test.


5. Watch your email for your results!


Proficiency Exam

To obtain official validation of the current level of your language proficiency (often used in job placement or to verify completion of the UA Second Language Requirement). 

Complete the process through the Linguistics Department: Language Proficiency Exams | Linguistics (



*If you are interested in testing for a Native American language of North America, the test will be administered through the Linguistics Department and there is no exam fee.  Email to arrange the test.