CLP Research Protocol

The Critical Languages Program (CLP) encourages educational research in language learning and teaching. We ask researchers to obtain permission from the Director before conducting research at CLP to ensure consent from tutors, examiners, and students.

To apply for research access at CLP, please submit the following information to CLP Director, Jieun Ryu, at least one month prior to your prospective start date. Once approved, please inform Dr. Ferdinandt of all participating tutors/classes in your study. You may not commence research until you are granted approval. You will be expected to present your findings to the CLP tutors and staff once your study is completed.

  1. Researcher’s name, contact information, and university affiliation
  2. Title and statement about the purpose of the research and why is should be conducted at CLP
  3. The research questions to be addressed
  4. A description of the target population and procedures to be followed
    1. who ?
    2. how many ?
    3. how much time ?
    4. where ?
    5. compensation for subjects, if any ?
  5. A copy of any instrument to be used and description of data gathering methods
  6. A student consent form to be signed and collected from all participants
  7. A short separate paragraph of the study’s objectives including researchers contact information to be emailed to all participating teachers
  8. A copy of approval or exemption from the University of Arizona Human Subjects approving the study.
    1. If this is for a current UA class, include a copy of the course syllabus. If this is for dissertation research, IRB approval will be needed. Complete all appropriate forms at
    2. Visiting Scholars must complete the process upon arrival on the campus.
  9. Proposed dates of data collection.

Contact information for Jieun Ryu:    520-621-3387

Expectations and Protocols for visiting CLP tutoring sessions

  1. All recruitment, data collection, data analysis, and other research-related procedures and activities will be completed by the researcher and not CLP staff or tutors.
  2. Once you have IRB approval for your study, the CLP Director will notify CLP tutors and staff. Tutors who wish to participate will contact the researcher. If not a classroom-based project, the researcher may arrange to meet with the students outside of class to recruit subjects for the study.
  3. Contact tutors who respond and arrange how to contact their students.
  4. Check in at the CLP main office in Babcock and plan to arrive at the classroom a few minutes before the class begins and stay until the end.
  5. Introduce yourself to the tutor and re-explain the purpose of your visit to him/her before the class begins.
  6. Ask about where to sit and how/when it is best to distribute any necessary handouts or forms.
  7. In general, minimize your class disruptions.
  8. Submit a summary of your findings to both the Director and all participating tutors upon completion of your project.
  9. During the project, it is expected that all procedures (data collection, collecting forms, etc.) shall be completed by the researcher and not fall to our tutors or staff.

A preliminary site authorization letter will be issued to submit for IRB approval. You may commence data collection only after the Director gives final approval and receives a copy of your IRB approval.  All applications for IRB approval must be submitted separately through the UA Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research,

Last updated: 8/13/2015