Academic policies

Student Responsibilities

We have put together a packet detailing important information and responsibilities for CLP students.

Responsibility packet (PDF format)


A basic aspect of tutorial self-instructional language study is daily preparation for active participation in all tutorial sessions.

Students typically meet two hours a week (depending on language) in small tutorial sessions (from 4 to 7 students) with target-language speakers who serve as "Tutors" for the target language. During these sessions the text and supplemental materials are personalized and structurally reinforced.

Tutors are not instructors. Instead they lead students through intensive practice in structures and vocabulary of the current and previous lessons. They also provide correction of errors and encouragement.

Pro-Active (oral) preparation for each tutorial class is required.

Lack of preparation impedes progress as much as an absence. For each class for which a student is absent or unprepared will result in a five point deduction from the final grade. The first two classes absent are exempt. Please note there are no “excused absences."

In the event of an absence, the student is responsible for the material to be reviewed in the following tutorial session.

Midterm/Final Exam Policy


Rescheduling Exam Policy:

Rescheduling will be permitted if there are available times and if the students notify the Critical Languages Program 48 hours prior to their scheduled exam. For example, if a student is scheduled on Wednesday, October 11th at 4:30 pm, they may reschedule their exam if they notify the CLP office by Monday, October 9th before 4:30 pm.

Make-up Exam Policy:

If a student has missed his/her scheduled exam time, a student will be allowed to schedule a makeup exam but will only be allowed to score up to 50% on such exam. If the student does not show up for the makeup exam, he/she will lose the opportunity to take the exam.  Make-up Exams should be done within a week from the originally scheduled time slot. No rescheduling of Make-up Exam will be allowed without a valid reason.

If the student provides verifiable evidence for why he/she missed the original exam date/time, the Critical Languages Program will allow the student to be able to score higher than 50% on their make-up exam.

Valid reasons include serious illness or injury of student him/herself, family emergency and University-sponsored events/activities. The official documents should be handed in at the time of rescheduling/make-up request. In addition, the three circumstances listed below will be considered valid reasons for Final exam only per UA Final examination regulations (

9. A student having two or more exams scheduled for the same time period will take the exam in the course with the largest total enrollment. The student must then arrange with the instructor of the other course to schedule a make-up exam at the earliest possible time during the final exam period.

10. A student having four or more exams scheduled for one day may, upon prior notice to the instructors concerned, arrange to take the fourth and fifth, etc., exams on some other day during the exam period. The student must report to the Office of the Registrar, Registration and Transcripts, Administration 210, no later than fourteen calendar days before the end of classes to obtain an authorization form for the rescheduling. The exams to be rescheduled are those in courses having the lowest enrollment(s).

11. Candidates for graduation who have a final examination scheduled during their college commencement recognition ceremony shall be given the option of rescheduling that exam. Faculty may verify the date and time of college commencement ceremonies on the UA Commencement Ceremony website.