Language Offerings

Classes are offered in fall and spring. Some languages may be available during summer session; call 621-3387 if you are interested in summer classes.

Languages and levels vary based on student demand; see the list on the right for our currently offered languages.

If you don't see the language you are interested in, request it!
Most of the languages we offer started with a request by a student.

Courses are listed under CRL in UAccess, with the course number indicating the level (101, 201, etc.) and the section number indicating the language. For example, the section number for Vietnamese is 331, so 1st semester Vietnamese is CRL 101-331, and 3rd semester Vietnamese is CRL 201-331. No times will be listed, because tutorials are scheduled at our office to accommodate your schedule.

Korean 101 is no longer listed as CRL 101-311. It is now listed as CRL 197A-001, CRL 197A-002, and CRL 197A-003. These courses are the first semester of the first year of Elementary Korean. Each section will have a set schedule listed in UAccess.

See step-by-step instructions on using UAccess to enroll in CLP courses.


Course Descriptions by Level

How to read Course Descriptions or Course Numbering System


Elementary Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

Advanced and Specialized Workshops

Signing up for more than 3 credits will require students to do extra work that will be assigned and agreed upon with the examiner.  Examples of extra work may be but are not limited to the following:

 The examiner will grade this work separate from the normal exam required by that examiner for this level and course.

397/497 Course Contract (PDF)

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